a personal life.

08/01/2010 § 1 Comment

To any and all, I am using this site as a forum for mere reflection, oddities that get lost and caught in my head, or just to vent. I have some short-stories that I would like to share and look forward to any positive or negative feedback. Of course, like most if not all, I am a little overwhelmed, in a good way, with how much writing is on my plate. All I ask is that you bear with me for spasmodic bursts of creativity and the inevitable lack of it.

As some may already tell, I am incredibly inspired by Kurt Vonnegut. Although I would not label him as my favourite author, to do so would probably make him laugh a spittle in my face if her wasn’t dead, his books and short stories have gotten me through some pretty tough times. Reading his works always brought me back down to earth. Hi ho.

This site may not be for everyone. I am going to warn some that things may get weepy or downright offensive. Too bad. It’s my site and I can do whatever I want on it. For those that know me personally, I don’t have to tell you that I would never write anything hateful. For those that don’t know me, I would never write anything hateful. Thebubblesaredead is personal. I could keep all of these thoughts to myself, but then I would be the only one to know I am crazy. Who we are or who we become needs to be validated by others, too.

So, don’t sit back, don’t relax. I don’t want you falling asleep.


§ One Response to a personal life.

  • mom85 says:

    always love to hear your take on your life from your viewpoint. I find it funny most times, because I get to see your life through your eyes. To think there was a time you didn’t or wouldn’t read. Now can barely get your nose out of a book, just imagine if you hadn’t gone to university, how many books you would have missed, because admit it, if some of this stuff wasn’t forced upon you, you would not have read them, in spite of how well read your father is. Keep reading & writing & contemplating.

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