excerpt: we do all things out of love and fear

13/01/2010 § 1 Comment

Ending moment, when the drumroll kicks in and the reader begs for it not to happen that way, no please it was supposed to happy!

“The one thing in life that both characters realized was that there was an unrelentless question begging to be answered: why? For everything they had done or hoped to do it was out of this desire to be loved and the need to escape fear. They both believed that love was painless and fear was painful, not knowing, quite possibly due to their age, that it was the other way around.

When you love someone, you submit to the consequences and gladly accept its pain. When you fear something, you always believe that its truly going to hurt but find out, in the end, that it was nothing more than a bug-bite. In truth, it was the unknown that tore these two a part, it is the unknown that usually tear everyone else a part. It worked its way between the kinks and cracks, expanding and seperating the two in ways that are only humanly possible, for these kinds of things do not exist in nature.

And so it was, moving and flowing with the slow change of life, that their tangible bonds began to break. They wrote and spoke to each other less than any other previous time they had together. Although it was shocking and surreal at first, it was decided by some greater-something that this was the way it ought to be. This greater-something also surmised that people always tend to find a way and if it were to be that way, the way of the free will, then the two people would be able to make a new way, a different way. Or, if they really wanted to, they could fight it.

She wiped her soiled palms and said “I wipe my hands of this!”, leaving it up to the two humans to choose what they wanted to be, because it was ultimately up to them. For, you see, the only god that exists is the one that humans make. If they choose their own power instead of relying on faith and fate, humans could have prevented the trials and tribulations that they always seeked penitance for. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that most humans did know their own power and used it. If most did not rely on the power of their minds, humans would have gone the way of the brontosaurus.

It is a choice left up to humans: a choice on whether to make it happen or not.”

Just as a footnote, the protagonist in the story, the girl, reads a book, In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin, a real book, you can buy it anywhere, and from his story feels inspired to see Patagonia. As a child, Chatwin believed that a piece of skin in his grandmother’s glass cabinet belonged to a brontosaurus. The protagonist, the girl’s, favourite dinosaur was always the brontosaurus, later named the altosaurus. She was a firm believer in the power of the mind over the power of, not religion, but A god.



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  • mom85 says:

    Fear can be good, its the initiative of flight or fight. The draft is coming along, like the thinking/feeling behind the couple.

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