word up to lady love

29/01/2010 § 1 Comment

Sometimes, you just don’t realize what you have until it keeps popping up on your screen. Message after message after post after comment after afterthought. This week I had so much lady love and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone who means something to me (from my mom to my sis to my ladies) sent me a message or thought. I was seeing some dark tunnels for a while and you guys showed me the light.

For example, I got this from STB, an article on Patagonia. Looks like I got some research done already.

Throughout the week, I got an email from a bud going through some similar trials of love. We comforted each other.

My mom thought I had already gone to Patagonia and didn’t know where I was. Although I might have scared the shit out of her, it was nice to know that she was thinking of me.

The list continues.

I realized I am nowhere near alone. In fact, I have never felt better knowing that I got friends on all corners of the globe and, not to be so egocentric, they all think of me as much as I have been thinking of them. Because in reality, and apparently in my dreams, I think about every single one of them too often to count. Or, too embarrassed to let be known.

The heart is mending and my wings are shaken. Fly, baby, fly.


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  • mom85 says:

    You have always been loved, because you are kind, considerate & willing to be there for others. Your friends & family know this & are there for you. I know that the big things can get in the way, but just a note that your ok, then you can get back to flying. Love you always, I check for your blogs everyday.

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