a busy month ahead

01/02/2010 § Leave a comment

Today, we acquired a new roommate, actually 2 for the next 13 days. A couple of Jameson’s longtime friends have decided to visit and stay with us in Buenos Aires. George, who arrived a couple of weeks ago, with be here until April. Alex, who arrives tonight, will be here for 13 days. The family just got a little bigger.

As a result, we have some pretty busy weeks ahead of us. This Wednesday, we move into the more spacious, hot-tubbed, parrilla-ed spot that many of you have seen pictures for. Pretty stoked to have a terrace again. This weekend: we venture to Uruguay so the trinamic trio can renew our visas. Yes, we have been here for 3 months already. After this weekend, it’s all about relaxing, and for myself, a trip south. You still have me for a little while, and I will let all know when the journey begins.

As for riding lessons, I am slamming the 4 that I usually have per month into two weeks. I’m actually very excited about doing this as I get to be around the horses. They are so goofy.


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