when you miss something, you miss out everything else

01/02/2010 § 1 Comment

I am not one to adapt to change very well. I start thinking about the things and people I miss the most, some might even say dwelling. It can be hard because I love the things I love because it took me so long to find them. Toronto included.

However, I had to stop myself. I noticed that by focusing all of my emotional energy on the things I left behind, I was missing the new things I could experience. So, I bucked up and instead of missing barista brewed coffee, I enjoy sipping on mate, which is a custom of the Latin American south. Instead of riding around on my steel stead, love you Blue Velvet, I ride around a sand-ring atop a stubborn horse called Luchador. Instead of veggie sandwiches, I eat as much bife as I want.

That’s part of change: getting used to new habits and things that you know you will miss when you return home. I already know I am going to miss Buenos Aires when I leave, so I am going to soak in as much of it as I can. Because I’m here now, and won’t be later. I need to take it all in.

As a result of getting used to watching Hollywood-entertainment movies on t.v., I have been invited to a premiere of an Argentine film that is playing tonight. I’m going to take it all in, even if some of the words will evade me.


§ One Response to when you miss something, you miss out everything else

  • mom85 says:

    My anal retentive baby, keep telling you the best place is here, best time is now & that’s whereever you are, enjoy life’s experiences, they are uniquely yours & only yours, the stuff here will be here whenever you decide to returnth. Love you & reading your take on your experiences.

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