14/02/2010 § 1 Comment

Everyday, I wake up, hang-out to or fall asleep to the sounds of cats dying. Unfortunately, if cats were actually dying I would feel compelled to do something about the horror (the horror). Instead, I am socially stuck with an aspiring musician as my bedroom´s window neighbour, I have the feeling he might not fulfill this dream before I move out, however, as I listen on the daily, he is practicing regularly.

Buenos Aires is an interesting city in terms of architectural geography. I don´t know what it´s really called, but the layout of buildings is what I am referring to so I will call it the architectural geography. Here, there are no alleyways. There exists solitary doors that give access to 5 or 6 front doors at the interior of the block. To put it simply, your front door is in the middle of a 100m x 100m grouping of buildings with no immediate street access, well at least for our apartment now.

The result is a cluster of homes, as opposed to lineaar streets of neighbourhoods, and as a result of this clustering of homes, quite often one´s bedroom window looks into one or two neighbour´s bedroom windows. As a result of adjacent bedroom windows, I get teh pleasure of a young guy, really a kid, slowly progressing his dreams of performing, perhaps, one day.

Although I don´t relate to his personal style of music, I do enjoy listening to him trying. Instead of getting impatient wit is feeble attempts at, maybe one day, becoming famous, I am humbled by his perserverance: hhe honestly practices 3 times a day, which may be him acknowledging his need to rehearse.

I thihnk it is poetic to watch/listen to people persist, even if it may not be wort it in the short-term. Who knows, maybe his music is merely a hobby, or one day te fingers will click into place and post-pubescent prose will flow from hihs vocal chords. Maybe, one day he will give it up, realizing that the dream of being the next Argentine Idol is, in fact, just a dream.

Wat I´ve realized, through experimentation and dabbling into various creative outputs as well, is that you don´t know until you try.


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  • Sammy says:

    It’s amazing how the brain works. And it’s amazing what we can see when we aren’t focused on minute details. 😀

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