16/02/2010 § 1 Comment

Remember when I was talking about following signs? Well, I guess I had a big one yesterday when my bus to Bariloche never showed up. No buses to Bariloche showed up. What was worse was that hundreds of people were waiting for a bus that would never come, the companies knew that the buses were not coming and, instead of informing everyone over the loud-speaker, the companies just let the customers try and figure out what was happening.

Things are definitely done differently, here in Argentina. I still don´t know what happened to the buses. Before getting my time of departure changed, I asked all the different companies if they had buses to Bariloche or, stretching it to Ñeuquen, a city about 300kms away. Nothing. There were absolutely no buses going south to anywhere except the beaches.

Instead of a refund, they switched my departure date to today, same time, same place, same arrival. I hope the same thing does not happen because that would be a real bummer.

Will keep everyone updated.


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  • mom85 says:

    Bummer, hope you have better luck today. Maybe the bus drivers decided not to work, partied to hard on weekend??? Only say this because listened to a company which lets the employees decide if they want to work that day or not, or do their job & go home, productivity increase by 34% & rising. Wishing you luck, good thing you’re not on a fixed scheduled.

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