patagonia chased

02/03/2010 § Leave a comment

All I have to say about that dirty, desolate desert is: wow. The only place that I have ever gone where there is nothing to see, nothing to analyze, which releases, allows you, to only look inward.

I have seen ostriches, if that is the spelling, guanacoes, kind of like llamas, condors, funny guinea pig-like rabbits, and flamingoes. Yes, they were pink.

I can honestly say I have never felt more like myself until now. Ever. It was a real boundary pusher, not only travelling alone, but travelling for a reason, a story, a person, that person being me. Although all the places I saw had a raw beauty about them, I doubt I could ever live in any of them. However, what I did learn is that your home is where your heart is and I found mine, beating in my very chest.


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