chasing patagonia: a beautiful realization

05/03/2010 § 1 Comment

It is only at certain times of life, points and pinnacles of a great change, that people have epiphanies and realizations. It is through discomfort of the unknown that humans are forced to adapt, ultimately for the betterment of the species. So it was, for this girl and this boy, that being apart allowed them the space to be and grow to their full potential, outside each other yet within themselves.

During their time together, stifled and suffocated, drowning in demands, not due to their lack of love, but too much of it, their growth was slow, if not regressing. Devolving. For their individual survival, space was necessary. She knew that she was toxic to his creativity, given away by her sad, glassy eyes, like rain-dropped windows. She saw herself destroying his gift without him even knowing it. He could see that he limited her exploration to discover her own talents, her episodes of panic being proof enough. He noticed she would spend all of this exploratory energy on making him comfortable and happy. He watched her drain the last of her reserves and then she was gone.

Only through freedom, without chains of seeking approval, were each able to escape the fear of loneliness. Now, both alone, becoming everything they could have been from the beginning, made each discover the strength of solitude that exists only in the greatest of creatures, like bears.

Now, as two whole beings, they could go on living with or without one another, never needing one nor the other because their hearts beat within, not in the others’ hands. What they discovered was that true love is the kind of love that you don’t need to hold onto, but can enjoy as a completed experience. What they learned was how to release their grasp on the heart, because if they didn’t let go, they would have choked it to death.


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