15/03/2010 § Leave a comment

I have been working on a rather longish article for my trip to Patagonia: I describe the change in landscape reflecting the change inside me. It might sound corny, but I am editing the cheese out. I had made decent progress on it until today, when I have had my first bout of block. I literally sat at the counter, staring at the lines and ink, trying to put into words what I was experiencing on the buses. I couldn’t even write the basic details of what happened. All I could think about were jot-notes, much like right now.

My sentence structures are stumped, my punctuation was pathetic and my narrator seemed too neurotic, although in real life she is. Is this normal, to go through spells of disinterest? When all you want to do is read a good book, listen to music and, perhaps, take a walk as some sort of exercise? I think it would feel normal, if not earned to do those things if I wasn’t semi-retired. Writing is supposed to be my outlet, the sauce on the side of living a lifestyle I have always dreamed of. It litereally, took me an hour to write 250 words.

What I have learned most from the people I have met in life and in “doing nothing” in general, is to wait and let it come. Anything forced will always need more energy invested to correct the mistakes made, not just in writing an article, but life in general.


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