welcome back b: tango whirlwind

22/03/2010 § 2 Comments

Last night I bucked up and pushed my comfort level. I embraced the Argentine culture even more by signing up for tango lessons upon recommendation of a friend I had met in Patagonia. These lessons are run by an Argentine out of his apartment that he has converted into a studio. Lesson, cookies, coffee and tea for $20AR, or $6.50CA. Que locura.

The tango, once banned for its provacative nature, is the dance of the prostitutes, or so an Argentine friend told me. After my first lesson, I believe him. It is pure man power, the control and movements dictated by the movement of the man’s shoulders, the push of his hand on your back into an “ocho” or “gancho”. The woman’s job is to listen to the man, keep her lower legs loose so they flick a kick when the man desires. The closer you are to each other, the more connected you are, the more it is a tango as opposed to a waltz. To be honest, I loved giving over to his force, even if it was only for a 4-minute song.

I had a great instructor who, with only showing me a few steps, could move me from one corner of the room to the next in flawless fluidity. The assistant, my friend who introduced me to the class, helped me on my technique of flippity kicks, through his legs, how to position my hips, how to grasp his leg with mine.

This kind of intimacy a few months ago would have made my blood boil in embarrassment. I would have been sweating guilt and shame. Last night, I was only sweating sweets and coffee.

By the end, the instructor was so pleased with my progress. He couldn’t believe that it was my first class. He kept calling me “genius”.

I haven’t felt this kind of agency since high school, when I felt I could pick up anything and be decent at it. I was in a lull for quite sometime, investing energy in those around me as opposed to investing within. I think  the reason things are coming much more easily is because, when I’m in the zone, I focus all my energy to the task at hand. Whether it has been my leap in progress with horseback riding or my brand-new tango lessons, I feel like I am able to leave my brain and focus on my heart and gut. Zero inhibitions.

Nevertheless, my point is that I never thought I could dance, let alone one of the most difficult dances that I have seen. Going to the class made me feel like I accomplished something which boosts my confidence. What is more interesting is that I needed to confidence to get started, period. It’s a not-so-vicious circle, this thing called confidence.


§ 2 Responses to welcome back b: tango whirlwind

  • Sammy says:

    Woot! Congrats!! Glad you had fun dancing! 🙂

  • mom85 says:

    Hey my little dynamo, way to go, glad you enjoyed yourself. Sometimes its just about letting go & having fun doing. Its a dance, like flamingo is about bullfighting?? Its all about the passion, the emotions, like ballet. Keep the toes tapping and the hips swaying.

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