notes on a sunday

29/03/2010 § 1 Comment

I like writing by hand better. Journals are better:

SUNDAY THOUGHTS: (MARCH 28, 2009 2010)

Somedays, you just feel like crying, for no reason, like it’s an escape

Last night, I left our party early. What a little flake. Next time, remember to drink water. Also, don’t be such a bitch, Leo, you have no right to be.

Sunday (domingo) – tango

lunes –

martes –

miercoles –

jueves –

viernes –

sabado –

domingo –

You know what destroys the things we love?


Sundays still feel like Sundays.

I wonder why the English capitalize everything.

Somedays, you just can’t write coherently, ideas pop up from random, forgotten corners in your head, you jot them down, and wait for another one and you have to them down because if you don’t, they go back into hiding.


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  • mom85 says:

    That’s just senility creeping up :D, the rest is grammar thing & even that evolves (except for us stick in the mud).

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