i thought i was a summer lover

15/04/2010 § 1 Comment

It appears that I thrive in dreary and drab conditions. Despite my mental and emotional stability as of late, it seems that I fall in love with a city even more when it is over-crowded, grey, people dressed in black everywhere, and film festivals are shuffled in. This is what a city is to me.

The summer here, in Buenos Aires, was a nice break from the snow and cold, but now that it is moving into Fall, slowly rotating towards Winter, the city seems more real. The tourists are flying home for their summers, or skipping North for sunnier skies, the rain is a sign of colder months to come, everything is dirtier, darker, colder, more sinister. And I love it.

Never since my time here have I felt more at home — not because I have gotten used to this city or that I have been taking advantage of what little time I have left — but because it reminds me of home. I always thought that my favourite seasons were late Spring, Summer and early Fall, but since stepping away from some of the most dreaded weather on this Earth, I realize I missed it. What I missed most was not the misery, but those perfect days that you could work on some writing from home or go to the cinema without feeling guilty about being indoors.

I miss house get togethers and dinner parties. I miss my frozen toes burning as soon as I got inside. I miss duvets and toques. I miss wearing layers and only sweating in your armpits as opposed to the all-over-sweat of summer.

Going back into summer, I realize that I will have wait, yet again, for some relief from heat. But, I never thought I would say this, but I see the light at the end of the Summer-tunnel. I do not like sweating. There. I said it. Seems I have changed.


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  • mom85 says:

    Each season has its good points, beginning to think you’re melancholic. Too much thinking of what’s wrong, rather than what’s right. Even as a baby you looked like you were thinking, just no way to express those thoughts…how you’ve grown, I think this trip has been wonderful for you. May you always want to explore & expand your horizons, with every fiber of your being & with humour & an just feeling & being. You’ve come along way baby.

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