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17/04/2010 § 1 Comment

Since being busy doing nothing, I have neglected my writing, but for good reasons. Recently, I have been on a Buenos Aires whilrwind, never saying “no” and trying to create situations to say “yes”. I’ve been busy, whether it be seeing a film everyday — the good, the bad, the confusing — for BAFICI (Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente), or mashing up plans between different groups of friends, or writing lists and lists of ways to bring back fresh-baked pastries, or scheming about smuggling wine and cigarettes into the country so that my Canadian friends can enjoy cheap coping-mechanisms (Wine – $3/bottle; cigarettes – $1.75/pack). Either that, or compete with the Reserves for the upperhand on the black-market. Don’t worry mom, I won’t.

Point is, it’s been busy. To top all of it off, my iPod is dead. It just suddenly died one day, whilst it was sleeping. It was working one minute, I left, went out or something, came back and it was cold-stiff: rigor mortis had already set in. I think it was a sign, to slough off the playlists of memories — the good, the bad, the confusing — and usher in a new era of music. 

My playlists were a little melancholic and extremely dated. I liked them, but broken records, despite their nostalgic charm, are annoying. Sometimes when certain songs are overplayed, they leave a dry taste in your mouth and a nauseous feeling in your belly. So, instead of sitting in my room, isolating myself with the loves of my life, Kongito and Marx and Auerbach, I now go down the street to the internet cafe, upload screens of YouTube music-videos (of The Black Keys), sit there, peruse the internet (on Marxist ideas), and listen to songs for an hour or two (thinking about Kongito). It feels more social, even though I am in my own little cubicle-world. Praytell, does this mean I enjoy the office life! No. But, I guess I understand it.

I miss working, not as an income-generator, but as a thing to break up the week. Coming out of retirement is going to be difficult, at times frustrating, but I look forward to working part-time (si, soy una vaga), perhaps at a bookstore, a coffee shop, a restaurant with delicious food, … To tell you the truth, I am not preoccupied with what I do, as I used to be. The image of working to other people’s expectations has flown out the window and the only thing I want out of a job is an open door. Hopefully such a thing will exist.

In other news, my foot is healing quite well. No, not the left ankle that I rolled on some dangerously convexed stairs at the local watering-hole, the other foot that smashed into a CD-shelf, split my fourth-toe (my ring-toe?), and was quite raw and tender for a day. The food must be of high quality here, including the cookies, as my cuts and gauges heal surprisingly fast, or maybe it’s the retired-life?

Whatever it is, I am feeling much better, mentally and physically, and am off to see a few movies today. The sky is overcast and there is a slight chill to the air which means a perfect day for the cinema(s). Right now, I will finish my coffee, feed the degg (he has already been walked (You know you are ready to be a dog-owner when you defend the degg’s dignity by saying “buen chico” everytime he takes a shit, then proceed to pick it up in front of a group of staring civilians, not embarrassed, but rather proud.)), have a shower and get myself moving. To where or which place, I don’t yet know.


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  • mom85 says:

    aww, sweetie, I still visit you in jail. You big girl now, can handle the consequences..no? Now you see why I think working outside is a determent to one’s well being. Live the life simply and the rest falls into place.
    love you lots

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