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19/04/2010 § Leave a comment

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of watching a compilation of Marie Losier’s short-films at the French-cultural centre as a part of BAFICI. The only thing I wrote down in my little book was: amazing! Because it was.

Losier was born in France but currently lives in New York City and in her films she combines these two worlds. There is an ambience of French-tact — most shorts shot with VHS and transferred to HD give that romantic, grainy quality that is ever-so nostalgic — alongside story-lines of seedy, yet intriguing, characters — products of North American, capitalist boredom. The one that stood out the most in my mind, of which I probably will never forget, is Feature Film: A Work-In-Progress, which is about exactly that.

Currently, Losier is working on The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, a tale of two lovers surviving on the cusp of the underground music scene in New York. The short, essentially a summary of her feature, is heart-breaking and breath-taking as Losier is able to capture the couple’s real life and project it through her own imagination. Through her art direction and music selection, it seems she has the natural gift of exposing beauty amidst destruction. It was absolutely inspirational.

One of the other shorts in the compilation was a music video with Genesis as the main role, singing among young dudes and chics wrestling in a boxing ring. Another short was an modern adaptation of an old film, where Losier was edited in mouthing the lines of one of the male characters. Graciously funny. To end the set, there was a simple scene of two people — one guy and one girl — dressed is black and white on a black background, flapping their hands like birdies and singing a sweet French song. A peaceful way to end such a mash-up of little diamonds.

Please check out her stuff as it is magnifique!


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