how to beat the heat

26/05/2010 § Leave a comment

I don’t know how to beat the heat. Instead, I biked around the city, flying through errands, as per usual these days. Time is moving fast, but my legs seem to be quicker.

People have been passing out in parks because a heat wave has hit the city.

Perspiration and popsicles.

Even the coffee I had with Mr. Parker yesterday morning left my face red with heat exhaustion and it’s only May. Climate change is a crock.

I told Mr. Parker that our next coffee time will have to be at 7 in the morning, when unbearable sleep turns into the only peak hour for hot-coffee consumption. I am not sure why or how, but iced-coffee just is not the same.

Today, I decided to ride my bike all over the place. I started at The Common, solo, americano-dark-roast and was pleased that barista-Anna remembered me. I sat and sipped, mentally preparing myself for a day of check-boxes.

Morning coffee. Check.

I started at Brock and Queen and decided to head East (of Eden) through the traffic, the sweat percolating on my brow, skin darkening to a reddish-hue, knowing that I could stop, but not wanting to.

Dress. Check.

I was approaching The Eaton Centre when a familiar face pulled up to my left.

Tofu, where are you off to?

East end. Let’s ride.

And so it was, past the pedestrian crosswalk-chaos of the mall, past Cabbagetown and Corktown, up the bridge that looms over the dreaded DVP, we pedaled and chatted, keeping the pace tame. 

Recently, Tofu had been hit by a car, someone drunk and dangerous passing him in the opposite lane, just to cut in too soon. He ended up on its back-end with some bloody knuckles and cheek-bones. It’s enough to infuriate, but by that time the sun has sucked the steam right out of me.

He turns off and I keep heading East, the slight breeze is my only saving grace. I don’t let my legs stop spinning for fear that I would wobble and weave. It’s amazing how hard you can push yourself when you can’t feel anything anymore.

I arrive in The Beaches and lock-up Blue Velvet outside of my bank’s home branch. I step in and welcome the icy atmosphere. Climate change is a crock.

For all of two-seconds, I lived in an Arctic paradise. The return home was gruelling, wind against me. I could feel my face filling out from the heat. I wished I could have breathed.

Tonight, a movie with L and C. Shady spaces, Tetro and ice cream. Beat the heat.


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