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27/06/2010 § 2 Comments

The conference had ended. Two days of panelists offering advice on writing and ethics, trying to prove that inspiration still exists for worldwide bloggers. Needless to say, for both days, we had left the workshop after our “networking” luncheons — which consisted of us mowing down sandwiches and fruit slices, sitting cross-legged on the cement floor — to watch the World Cup. We would go back for the drinks later.

By the end of the conference, people were loosely hugging and squealing about the delightful time they had spent with one another, congratulating the few that won trips for being “The Best Dressed” or exaggerated their envy over those that got an all-inclusive two-night stay in Bermuda. They exchanged business cards and spoke of pulling favours:

“Totally, if you publish my piece I will most definitely back-link you on my blog.”

Today, strolling through McCarren Park in Williamsburg I saw whole families — upwards of 20 members — gathered around three or four tables filled with food brought from home. They brought their small barbecues to reheat the hotplates abundant with sweet-potato-mash and taco-ingredients. The parents would sit in circles and talk and laugh — patting each other on the back for a good joke or cheeky jab — while the kids played with balloons and small soccer balls. Once in a while, the smallest kid would run up to his Mami and crawl into her lap, wrapping his arms around her neck, peeking over her shoulder because, through the day’s fatigue, he had become shy.

Today, I had a thought:

Hugs are supposed to mean something.


§ 2 Responses to sunday thought

  • Sammy says:

    and hugs do mean something. It’s part of the whole body language thing. You give a person a hug you are accepting them into your intimate personal space. It means you trust the person to be that close to you.

    They work in the business world as well, you hug a colleague you again show trust that you are confident with who you are.

    But they are never as good as a hug from a loved one and/or friend.

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