sunday thought: monday grumps

18/07/2010 § Leave a comment

You don’t want to know what is happening in this brain right now. If you peeled back the skin and skull, all you would find is a short-circuited mess, some globular goo oozing from the corners. My only thought today, so far, was that it was Monday, and I am grumpy. Two quails with one bullet.

This is why I can’t think:

1. Rented a car and drove three hours to Jordan in Ontario’s wine country through smoggy traffic and thunder showers.

2. Arrived at the reception hall, not the place for the ceremony.

3. Car was running on fumes because of the three-hour haul.

— Wedding ceremony was beautiful and relaxed and started late so I was on time —

— Hung out with some of my favourite people, laughing until my belly-ached, eating mountains of delectables —

4. Decided that I could stay until the end, just not drink and drive home Levi, already drunk but in need of a boring car ride to let him snore.

5. 3:30AM, missed the QEW exit and had to take the 403 all the way to the 401.

6. Paddle shifters on rented Smartcar were not working. Not so intelligent.

7. 4:14AM, arrived at my house, noticing that the car no longer worked. Period.

8. Called road-side assistance. They explained to me that the tow-truck would be 45 minutes, rendering me useless with my foot on the break to prevent roll-back into another car. Parking brake did not work, either.

9. 5:45AM, got back home and realized that all I needed was some tea and a bowl of yoghurt.

10. 7:45AM, work.



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