thursdays, don’t let me down

22/07/2010 § Leave a comment

Waking up as night barely passed in a blink, the pink of the sun barely peeking over the world’s hill, a hue of purple touching the receeding midnight blue.

After my lazy shower, I dressed in sloth-motion.

The morning passed with a beat — the constant metronome of people picking up coffee and croissants made time flow seamlessly.

Then: Text. Panic. Over think. Gossip. Drama. Hypotheticals.

Slowly stewing in my mind’s thought, I think that Thursday may not mean what it has always meant to me. I think of how things could have been done differently. I think of happiness, what it was, is an will be. I think, Thursday, don’t let me down.

Now, I remove myself from my self-made episode, look at it like a show through the looking-glass. It is mirrored and distorted and, in the end, probably the opposite of what I perceive. It resembles real life, but real life is me in my self.

The clouds have come in, but I take pleasure in its shade. I look forward to the cool of the night.


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