sunday thought: walking dead

25/07/2010 § Leave a comment

I stand and watch people pass through life in solitude. They sit and scribble with a cup of coffee as their companion, living in the blank pages laid on the table, filling it with words from the mind’s world. I stand and watch people share their lives with themselves.

I sit and ride through the park, seeing groups and couples embracing in the sun. Declare victory, sharing happiness and contentment in their world. There, cloudy days is another world: dark and vacant.

At home, I eat corn chips and talk with Tony. Beginning the conversation with daily rhetoric, I listened to it evolve into the topic of sleepiness — day’s dreams of freedom.

Tony & I:

– When I think of shows and television and media, I think that they are there to convince people things can’t change. Did you ever watch Pinky and the Brain, or I, Robot?

– ‘What are we going to do tomorrow Brain? Same thing we do every day, Pinky. Try to take over the world!’ (And, then I sing.)

– Yeah, exactly. Every day, Brain’s plans to take over the world are thwarted, showing you that you can’t do big things. I, Robot has a similar message. One day, when we can rely on machines to do all menial things for us, we will be destroyed by them. Now, people are afraid that machines will take over their “lives”, but they are filling life with meaningless tasks and things. We aren’t really living.

– Don’t you think that people would feel too god-like if not tempered by doing natural things. Don’t we need to do things like feeding, drinking, using our bodies to ground us and remind us that we are animals?

– That’s what they say.

I sweep and mop the floors of the coffee shop and think to myself: am I better than this? I answer myself, no. Whether I do it or a professional cleaner does it, some one does it. This, sweeping and mopping, is done by a person. If I think I am better than this, than I consider myself better than who(m) ever ends up doing it. Now, if there were a machine…

Machines are expensive. In short, they cost thousands of dollars. I cost minimum wage per hour, my labour carefully calculated by some thing external to experience. A value has been put on muscle and sweat. I am cheap.

*In the background, the lyric: If you we aren’t living, we are the walking dead.*

Tony & I:

– If you think about it, nothing would change if we didn’t pay a thing. If everyone stopped paying for everything, nothing would happen. We would still have food, shelter, water and life. There will always be a way to survive. We would continue being the same people.

– Yeah, and stop existing as human doings.

We sat in the sun in silence, sipping water, staring into the world. I would like to think we shared the moment of deep thought, words not necessary, a world of common understanding.

Today, I thought to myself:

Sharing time together can be more creative than tearing yourself apart, doing your own thing, alienating others and moments in the pursuit of developing a world of one.

It was a long, silent thought and am happy and content that I shared with Tony on our balcony in our world.


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