thursdays: errands

05/08/2010 § Leave a comment

Lists are lengthy. It is the reason that we use the word, “list”, for our errands. It connotes a sense of endlessness. We will always have things to do and lists provide structure for our life: places-to-go, people-to-see, things-to-do. It organizes and prioritizes our obsessive compulsions. It is basic and ugly and bare. It is scaffolding.

My Thursday list simultaneously consists of everything and nothing. Places that I would like to go (the post office,) people I will see (my parents for lunch,) things I want to do (write, write, write.) Every moment is a part of my day, but unnecessary. The essentials will unfold involuntarily. I will eat, drink and sleep according to my natural impulsions. The essentials provide the electrical, plumbing and energy-conservation for the architecture of my day. It makes me wonder if I need a structure to my day before I lay the piping for optimal function.

I tend to forget that life is organic: a well needs to be placed deep in the foundation for the scaffolding to be put up.

Then, I wonder, what bricks will I choose, which pattern will I follow. Will there be arches or utilitarian lines? Will my windows by squeegeed clean or will I favour intricately stained-glass? What direction will my front door face: south with the sun, west with the sunset, north-east into nothing?

This is a lot of nonsense, but it was on my list of things-to-write.


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