ww: blue anthropomorphizing

25/08/2010 § Leave a comment

Yes. You can come inside, but just for the night. You are not looking like yourself, so I am going to take care of you. Tomorrow.

I will wash away your creakiness and polish you dry. I will flip you upside down to reach your underbelly. I will take this cloth and wrap it around my finger to get behind your handle-ears. Sure, we can cut your threads.

No, you cannot get new saddle-pants or swap your parts for a pretty basket. For now, we live within our means.

I will feed you and be tender to you. I will make sure you do not have to weather stormy nights. I will talk to you, despite the stares, and silently listen to your quiet crank-iness.

Still, you are what you are and you will serve your purpose.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that you are just my bicycle.



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