sunday thought & monday grumps: inverted androids

27/09/2010 § Leave a comment

Come over, come see us, we are nice, you will like us, said the Hal-bot.

Hey, how are you? Are you familiar with us, said the b-bot.

The ants were marching ’round and “round.

Buy this book, take this flyer, three back-issues for five dollars. Subscribe.

The noise made me numb, my brain was buzzing. The lights were flickering, but I felt like I had no life left. I was not hungry, but I ate. I was not thirsty, but I drank. I was awake, but was sleeping. Every so often I would hide from the sunshine and smiles in the tent, refueling on raisin bran muffins and Tim Tom Donuts.

“Hal, I’m dying out there. I need a break, I need to walk.”

“But, you are bringing so much traffic in?”

I stayed behind the table and sold some magazines and buttons, marking down each item sold.

“Did you write that down?”

“Yes, I did.”

I sold a tee-shirt, programmed to say fifteen dollars and Hal’s book, The Program, on special for five dollars.

“Did you write that down?”

I stopped. I switched on, turned to him — my boss, the senior editor — and told him, “yes. Obviously I wrote it down, you told me once, you don’t have to tell me again. You have to trust me.”

He stepped back and he could have fired me. Instead, he said, “ok, ok, just asking.” Come over, come see us, we are nice you will like us, he beckoned to some passers-by.

I noticed him smiling at each person with a stroller, waving to the kids and saying “Hello.” One of the passers-by knew him and came over to the table to shake his hand and talk. As I was busy helping some other perusers, I overheard the stranger ask about Hal’s kid.

As the day wore on, so did my energy. I was getting cold and grumpy and anti-social. Man, oh man, I kept droning.

“Did you bring a jacket?” Hal asked.

“No, I didn’t think of it. I wasn’t thinking at all.”

He slid off his shell coat and put it around my shoulders saying, “really, I’m not that cold.”



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