monday grumps: a point

04/10/2010 § Leave a comment

There comes a point in one’s life when you capture yourself.

Like when you discovered East of Eden which catapulted you into reading, like when roadtrips with the family to Florida showed you a glimpse of a world worth seeing, like one day when your parents move to Toronto and you decide to move with them.

It is a decision with the belief of indefinitely, yet comforted by knowing that there is the option of returning. The funny thing is, you never go back.

Or at least not the same way you once were. Working in a Roncesvalles coffee shop, as far away from a life once lived, just to prove to myself that it can happen at home, I was reading about our different teas, where they are from and how they came to be.

“What you reading there?”

“Hey, Sandor, just reading about tea. Did you know that ‘tea time’ was invented by Anne, the wife of teh Duke of Bedford because she wanted a meal between a hearty breakfast and late supper?””

He smiled. “In the 60’s, I met the man who invented tea bags, lived along the Kingsway. He must have been 85 years old. I used to clean for him.”

Sandor is now the owner of the coffee shop building.

We can live a world and surround our selves with only the things and people that are a part of that world — choose a clique of friends and lean on them to bolster us up. But at some point, whenever that is, you look up and notice that life is not just about one thing, but learning many. It is without a need to stagnate to one notion, while still remaining true to one’s self.

Like a leaf that drifts in an autumn wind, like a snowflake that falls from dark clouds, like a notion with no motion, learning to let people be, exactly the way they are and find each one unique and beautiful and not as a means to an end, but an end in and of themselves, and to let them fall, so that they learn to pick themselves up. That, right there, is the point to being human.

Walking west along Dundas I looked over my shoulder and there was the CN Tower standing solitary amidst grey clouds. I couldn’t see its base, the ground it is rooted in, but I noticed it was pointing up.



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