thursday: swing

14/10/2010 § Leave a comment

I had a dream. More like I had a nap and I lived in the moment of a far off place.

I was on a swing, reaching for new heights with each leg pump. I pushed forward and pulled back, still.

Still, I caught glimpses of the water slide below me that ran from the top of the hill on a beach towards the ocean. The water was blue and dark and coated with grey clouds. I heard the rumble of waves and felt the salted wind cling to my hair. I would pull back my legs to see the structure of the set that held me up and let me swing. Then, again, the slide into the ocean.

The sand was coarse and orange like my hair and my skin.

You were there, but you weren’t. Perhaps you were behind me or on the sideline watching, like a parent pushing me or that pole.

When I woke up, everything was back to the way it was.

We need to keep pushing and pulling instead of keeping still.

But you already know that.


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