peace in port perry

21/10/2010 § Leave a comment

There is one willow tree beside the pond in Port Perry and I found it. Weeping.

I sat with my legs stretched in front during my “pensive” moment (away from everyone, inside myself).

The branches of sleepy leaves sheltered me from the sub-urban sprawl that barricade the pool. I didn’t want to look at the monotony of architecture and I didn’t want anyone to look at me whilst I sat. Thinking.

My mom picked me up from the last-stop Oshawa GO Station late at night, around 7:30pm, with Bella in the backseat of her two-seater SmartCar. Cherry Red.

The dog was excited to see a new but familiar face and I was happy to put my feet up on my luggage at my feet. She managed to wedge herself onto my lap, pressing my face between her body and the seat. She Smells Like A Horse.

“Mama, I can’t breathe.” But, oh could I laugh.

After squeezing Bella back into the trunk she wedged herself into a crook on the floor. Collapsable Dog.

Over hills and twinkling street lights we drove in a darkness that only exists beyond the city’s borders. We Drove And Drove.

“Almost there, girl.”

My parents’ place is funny. It reminds me of many memories mashed into one: the farm house, the condo in Carleton Place, the downtown apartment in Toronto, the chilly Hastings flat South England. Some how for some reason, it still feels like home. Perhaps it is because they have had the same love seats since I was 6 years old, one of which was my bed for a year when we lived on the farm.  They’ve got good bones. Mama Always Said.

The next day, we sipped morning coffee and took the pup to a field so she could fetch her frisbee. The field is down the paved highway from the pond, a vast space with banks of cookie-cut houses, but  a view of fall-bitten trees and a colour-changing sky. I tossed the pink and floppy disc into the air from my black dollarstore gloves and watched her fly. Bella Is So Fast.

Chicken Pot Pie for lunch.

Pops came home after school. He had a long day but he still wanted to question me.

“Have you read Beatrice & Virgil? It’s good, you’ll like it. You like Kingsolver? You should try Hopkinson, you’ll like her. Are you o.k.?”

Homemade Lasagna for dinner.

We took Bella for her evening run in the field.

“Keep up, girl, did you forget how to walk with me?”

Oh yeah, I forgot.

Dusk was not dark, but red. Bella is a dark-chocolate black. We played pup-in-the-middle to exhaust her. Before we lost her without light, we snapped on the leash and walked home. Very Fast.

We watched television programs on the computer as an adaptation to this changing world. Hawaii 50, Castle, no, no Castle, NCIS, did we watch that one? The Future.

“Hey, did you want dessert? Your mom made an apple-pizza thing. There are only two left, but you can have one.”

“No, pops. I already got my peace.”


Mama dropped me off at the first-stop Oshawa GO Station this morning. The sky and trees were red. Cherry Red.

I thought of the weeping willow tree. Still Green.



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