pre-sunday thought: creation

06/11/2010 § Leave a comment

Last night, I was talking with someone about creation. We talked about having the time to make the things that express who we are or how we feel. It’s important to do those things, but it’s also important to deal with each time accordingly. If you trust yourself, then you trust that your creations are real reflections of the self. They will always be there. As a wise friend once told me, “we are all artists”.

So it goes, right now, at this time, due to decisions I have made and promises that I intend to keep and time and love and hugs that I want to share, creation will be sporadic and disorganized.

Perhaps that’s the way it should be.

So it goes, a sporadic S(atur)unday thought:

What if time did not equal money did not equal power? Instead, time equals hugs equals love?

A new currency, perhaps.

Hippy talk. Real talks.





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