13/01/2011 § 3 Comments

I woke to a flash of lightening and the sound of rushing water.

I had left the crank skylight above the kitchen partially open. I wondered if I could mop it up later and then I wondered why I would have to wait until later. I rolled out of bed and grabbed one of three towels and one of one bucket. I stepped into the shallow pool, closed the skylight, threw down the towel, then rung it out.

One bucket, two bucket, three bucket, four.

Water kept flowing in, my feet swollen and fingertips pruned. I started humming and dancing, knowing that this moment could not last forever. After an hour, I began to question if it would.

I plugged in the coffee maker and measured my grind. I was up, I might as well be awake. The rain was subsiding as the last coffee drop gurgled. I had a flash of childhood mornings with my parents. I remember asking my mom how to use the once-white coffee pot. Some mornings in Brampton, I would wake up early, put on a pot, pour three cups in designated mugs, one creamer of milk and serve coffee in bed, the IKEA one with red sheets, matching side tables and dresser.

When I was a kid, I was never afraid of thunderstorms, but I was afraid of getting hit by lightening. I remember being even more afraid after watching Oprah with my mom. Oprah had a professional on the program who listed ways to stay safely indoors during hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes, the storms that exist outside. If I stayed inside, like the guy said, unplug all electrical appliances, stay away from metal and water, I would be safe.

Water conducts electricity only if it contains minerals, especially sodium chloride. The presence of particles and atoms and stuff allow for the flow of energy which means completely de-mineralized water is not a good conductor. Water in its purest form does nothing for electricity.

I could stay inside and distill my water. I could boil it and collect the condensation, but there is a problem: As soon as water touches air, it loses its purity.

So it was, awake at four-o’-clock in the morning, laying on the couch, looking out the rain-tattered window, wondering where we are all flowing, that I decided to grab my camera and hit the streets of dawn.


§ 3 Responses to flash

  • Sammy says:

    do you remember when we were younger you wanted use me as a science experiment with my fantastic luck of almost being struck by lightning twice?

    • yup. complete fascination with your ability to conduct energy. i was going to put that in the post, but didn’t know how you felt about me exploiting your Storm-like powers. and, yes. that was a reference to x-men.

      • Sammy says:

        aw you’re cute. I go around telling people I have super healing too…not so much from illness but from surgery and all that lol

        I have learned to embrace all my little quirks. I have also learned not to run in storms, instead I enjoy the pelting rain, the howling winds, the flashes of light streaking across the sky. I appreciate a storm much more. 🙂

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