rainy fall.

04/04/2011 § Leave a comment

“I’m only happy when it rains.”


No, but seriously. I remember that song during my angsty ‘tween years and dialing the volume right to the “MAX” (not the “min”) on Ottawa’s “New Rock Alternative Station! Xsssss-FM!”

I thought to myself, “oh yeah, I can so relate. That is so hardcore. Me, too.”

I remember someone once telling me about ‘pathetic fallacy’: when the words of the weather are used to reflect the mood of a character.

I thought this to be false and I guess for some it is. I enjoy the rain (as long as it doesn’t touch my face and I have working brakes on my bicycle). The comforts of couches and cups of coffee and a paperback novel is my idea of a good time. Even sloshing through muck, no matter how uncomfortable it gets, to watch some of my favourite bands (because sometimes it is nice to get dirty — thank you for that articulation, Zola) leaves a feeling of epic accomplishment. The ability to survive discomfort only makes for a cozier time in pajamas.

Such is life.

As a friend informed me, the reality is falling water releases negative ions that purify free radicals built up from carbon molecules being thrown off from heated things. It is nature’s way of re-balancing the atmospheric pressure. The hotter the earth, the more rain we have. It is part of a cycle. The real life machine of input & output.

Some hate the rain. They say it brings them down, down, down.

Rain comes from clouds, obviously. Natural blockers of the sun. Here at the hostel, a girl was very blue during a dreary day. The reality is, she craves the energy of Vitamin-D rich sunshine.

“I hate it when it rains. I feel so low in energy,” she tells me.

And still I wondered how happy she was when the clouds broke and the sun never seemed so bright.


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