vueltas & vertigo.

15/04/2011 § Leave a comment

“It’s ok, Bretana. Life is all about circles.”

I was told this while sitting with two friends in a post-dinner conversation and what a re-assuring treat to hear.

“These are just places where we make decisions in life, they are not the experience itself.”

I made a promise to a friend to return to Canada, a promise that came 3 weeks before my departure to Buenos Aires. When I got to BA, I had the idea that I would find a steady job, to be able to make it on my own, enabling my return to this Southern city. (My heart, my heart.)

It was not meant to be that way, but what I came across was something greater.

For a moment in time we become fixed to something that only ever is what it was. Sometimes, we begin to surround our bodies with the things that heighten how we imagine it. I like the sun, interesting buildings, people that fight for their rights. I have always liked the colour gold (although green and blue are equally beautiful in my eyes.)

Gold is warm and glowing. By moonlight it doesn’t glisten, it is the ember to a campfire.

The other day, I was invited to go for a jog (something I hadn’t done in years). I tried to make excuses: I didn’t have the proper shoes, I didn’t have socks, I didn’t have the proper shorts. Oh well, I thought. Let’s give it a go, anyways.

I joined the jogging group wearing a muscle shirt, jean shorts and a pair of canvas Vans.

“Ready when you are.”

We took the bus to Puerto Madero, the new neighbourhood of tall glass towers and new restaurants. Behind this wall is the ecological reserve, where a river once ran through.

The clan & I:

“Let’s go, guys. Run around this grass patch and back.”

“Ok. But if you notice that I’ve dropped off, I’m just taking a break.”

Around the track we went, they leading, I trailing. Within the first few moments, I could feel the usual fatigue, the moment when the body tries to say “stop, please stop!”

Just a little further, my mind said.

After the run around, I took a long walk to relieve the dizziness. I craved the quiet to breathe, to just relax.

So it goes, I don’t know how things will unfold. But, right now, I am taking some time to breathe and relax.


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