chocolate & fire.

02/07/2011 § Leave a comment

“I’ve got to cancel, lil’ b.”

“Honestly, no sweat. I will just roll with it.”

So baby blue and I did. Where to go with no agenda except to see fire explode in the sky for a day of celebration that I have barely any memories of.

Rolling to the lakeshore and a cop says “hey, watch out! There’s a cyclist!” with a humble “thank you” that rumbled through my lips. He’s not so bad. He’s working a day, a night (oh, what a night!), that could be spent with his family or friends.

Baby, don’t be so blue.

Pop! Pop! go the lil’ fire bangs and we all are waiting. Here comes the boom! Here comes the boom! And I break me off a piece of that bar I found in my purse. Chocolate-covered-almond.

And it is silent for quite some moment so everyone turns to leave, to beat the rush of the honkin’ tonk jam that we all seem to get ourselves into these days. The chatter and laughter of wonderment fills lilwells. How shallow I run, now.

Bang! Bang! for a symphonic finale and everyone turns to stare while Blue and I keep walking. I watch their smiling faces illuminate in green & red & orange and it is extraordinary what fills those wells. It is not shallow for me to mount and for we to roll because the well-ness of seeing something most don’t get to see:

Wonderment in faces.



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