balance will find you.

03/07/2011 § Leave a comment

As he says.

From yellow to a deep blue and no spectrum in between.

Teeter totter and it gets hotter until the self-induced pressure breaks with a break in the clouds and Solomon Burke creeps onto the iTunes and Sailor Jerry gives the ol’ har-har.

“No, no, we need you in tomorrow afternoon. Can you work all day?”

“You betchya.”

And sometimes you are never going to be where you are not. So I stuck around.

“You want to see a snake feeding?”

“Why not? I got no where else to be.”

Between yellow sun and blue-ish lining, five of us watch as Cora unhinges her jaw to consume a rodent, leaving my mouth gaping open at something I have never seen on reality t.v. before.

Oh no, just a psychotic girl and I won’t get lost in your world… on YouTube.

Which made it that much creepier.

Satiation and the coffee suppressed my appetite, or was it the coffee?

She’s seven years old and underweight. Perhaps the rat was too big which was the thought her mama was thinking when it took forty-five minutes of her baby holding her breath.

And when she curls up in her cave, winding ’round and ’round, we exhale.

Hopping onto Blue, finding my balance as I pull on the reigns and giddy’up.



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