the way.

05/08/2011 § Leave a comment

And of what, I am unsure.

Life being a series of flowing moments and snapshots of emotions distilled with time. Yes, those times will become more pure with the ageing process (pronounced PRO-cess in my head).

Where do new memories fit in while we try as we might to push old ones away, because heaven knows dear you can’t remember everything, right?



I left behind something and I couldn’t put my finger on the button. Someone pulled it out of me and that tingling sensation — like when your arm falls asleep, pins & needles they call it — has started in my body again. Feeling.

I’m getting my feelings back after being paralyzed, emotionally and mentally severed. Oh, these physical manifestations. What was that? A grumble from my belly: “I am huuuungry!”

Of course you are.

I started gaining my eye sight back, too. Not so twenty-twenty-five, but enough that my left eye doesn’t shoot to the top left when I have a glass of wine (or two, or too many). Sitting here after a spin-out, sleeping through a few nights of recovery, sipping on some Chicken Noodles (because, hell is it ever good for the soul), I did what I have always done after extensive surgery:

Get up and keep on keeping on.

If only I could become a pro at this incessant change.


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