a year in retrospect – the king of limbs.

28/12/2011 § Leave a comment

This is a post-dated thought on an album released earlier this year. What can I say? My thoughts are slow and methodical. Reflective, if you will.

What rules us or motivates our actions? Some say the head, some say the heart.

What is the rational conclusion may not always be the correct one — life does not happen on paper, this does not compute, “but Captain, that is not logical…”

And for some reason, the melodrama series of  life seems so appealing.

Because no matter how much we are told — this too shall pass, it will all be a blip, this will help you grow — you still feel it, the weight of the uncontrollability (new word) of the world, however big or small we make it.

I remember having a conversation with a friend, a being who worked at a coffee shop and was interested in music. I told him I like songs as a moment in time or from nostalgia and he told me he like listening to full-length albums from beginning to end. To him, a full length album of music is a soul quest. I used to select songs, feel good songs, and make compilations for feeling good, feeling sleepy, feeling in need of an energy jolt to punch out academic papers. Mood rings.

And then you discover how full length albums, not the “best of’s”, are stories, too, and we all love stories. When I look back on Radiohead’s epicness (also a new word) — Kid A, OK Computer, In Rainbows — I see a little of life unfolding in the realest way (with a dollop of ether).

Then we receive King of  Limbs, the symbol ringing in an age trying to come to terms with all that has happened: from international Corporate and Government corruption, to the reality of famine and animal abuse, to heartbreak, to mortality, to addressing the challenge of all this awakening, the change through it and moving forward.

There was something special to the eight songs on Radiohead’s, King of Limbs. I couldn’t put my needle-pointed finger on what it was. I remember downloading the album while far, far away, way down South where the pear-trees grow, my winter home. A lil’ lady from England, Radiohead fanatique, and I listened to the new album and stewed over the sweet juices of Tom Yorke’s voice.

Not-to-long-ago, I was talking with a friend about how and why we loved the album: it’s real! We said. Epic for its time. And I still wondered, why?

Grief hit the world hard. No longer is history written by standard victors, rather innocent bystanders that shockingly watch on as appalling-ness happens all around us. Infringements on our rights as humans, as beings, as equals, as though we fell out of bed from a long dream. Jaws dropping and sheer denial of Truth, it made us want to slip it over and get back under the warm, fuzzy covers.

There are 7 Steps to the Grieving process and as rational as we try to be, we still have to learn how to deal with the emotional pangs that rise up.

The Pain, the universal sigh of billions of voices and camera phones.

We were robbed of sugar-coated dreams, what we could have been or were supposed to be. We want it back, some of us will sell our furniture, our books, our freedom, even our souls to regain that sense of security we thought we once had.

We begin to reflect:

Routines and schedules
Drug and kill you
Kill you

Feral with the complexity of wild animal-like tendencies, who are we to blame, let’s get them! Is how we feel…

Then, the upward turn — Hope in the Pandora’s Box as we learn to trust people again as the Karma Police will seek out peace.

Then, with a heavy sigh, we Give up the Ghost.

Here’s to a newer, brighter 2012. Keep up the Hope.


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