10/01/2012 § Leave a comment

“I used to run. They said I could beat the National record, under 5:25.”

“What happened? What made you stop?”


I internally applauded that line off the series, Portlandia, and whoever wrote it for the emotional chord it touched. It reminded me of many conversations I have had with many friends over glasses of whiskey or M&M peanuts during slumber parties:

“You used to play Jr. A?!” “You were a dancer?!” “You competed internationally?!” “You were on Smallville?!” So cool.

Stories, his and hers, have always appealed to me. I like getting to know someone through their past. Of course, one watches their little idiosyncrasies that have probably developed and cemented over time, but I love the vision in my head of how crazy adventurous childhood must have been. 

I picture reels of life: rusting skates and sweaty equipment. Lycra costumes and practical leg-warmers. Rubber caps and nose-plugs. On-set from ten-A.M. and for twelve hours talking to the stars. 

What happened? What made you stop?

Life. Real life.

Real people: The greatest of heroes and most brilliant of stars.


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