here we go again.

05/06/2012 § Leave a comment

It seems like yester-year that I was last here. Oh wait, it was.

This time, I am prepared for a winter where there will be no snow, a sharp wind, and common calm that comes with colder months. 

“It’s different, don’t you think?”

“Yes, it is different, but I don’t know if that just the season or the context.”

Seasons are markers of change and I have always been told that change helps you grow, but what direction? Up & on? Expanding outward? Around in circles? Dizzy, dizzy.

For the first time in some ex-pats lives, they have been told to go back to their own country. 

“But, aren’t we all migrants?” she asks.

She told me how social progress was circular, like a Spirograph of time. No wonder why we think we are going crazy. Have you seen one of those drawings? 

Walking Carlota, an older porteno happened to ask,

“Why is it so calm in Canada, but so crazy here?”

I didn’t want to mention the news.

I notice the pets here, the ones with homes, are very proper. They delicately walk with bouncy grace, like a prance, a small dance on the spot. I keep my eye on Carlota because, well, she’s a ball of energy and force. Being from the streets makes me wonder whether she’s developed some challenges with belonging. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and ‘My Fair Lady’ and whether there is a moral or ethical debate in there somewhere. I would laugh-out-loud at her jump-flips into the air, but wondering if strangers’ looks would socially reinforce embarrassment. So, I keep a tight leash.

Is it age? Is it maturity?

I guess so. Or maybe after spinning around in circles, we find grace.


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