round three

15/06/2012 § 2 Comments

The end is just the beginning is just the end of a beginning.

Yesterday, we finished our training: the history, the politics, the economics, the psychology, the practicum of uploading, our schedule rotation. Somehow, my arms hurt from the heavy load that required no lifting.

On Wednesday, a few of us made a night of it. Ventured to the notorious Constitution Station where an indie film was playing at Arte Cinema. Seven-forty-five, give or take five minutes, and ‘Anima Buenos Aires’ showed us what is drawn from the hearts of the people who live in this city.

Part one: Decoupage of meat-man’s experience after the Guggenheim Supermarket has landed.

Part two: Son of affluent intellectuals falls in love with graffiti girl. (Aye, amor.)

Part three: Funny-scribbled characters are scrambling around the city, movin’ and shakin’ in tangoland.

Part four: All male characters are in lust with bar-keeps lover.

It was short and the sweetness was more tart (in a good way).

After the film, we decide to go for a beverage at my favourite spot in the city: the pub, Gibraltar, a reminder of comforts of home. It was busy with people, non-tourists, and the taste was a little different. Things change if you are around long enough.

It made me wonder whether this was the beginning or the end of something or, perhaps, some place in-between?

One pint and back on the bus towards the upper-West side.

The city was dark and vacant. I looked at my phone and saw it was nearly half-past midnight. It was somber and soothing to know that a city of this size, one that experiences the same waves of intensity that most cities have, can just be. The more I see it in its entirety, not just in fairweather, the more I appreciate its idiosyncrasies. Despite all that it may or may not offer, it has character and strength of soul.

Endurance, patience, and most importantly, amor.


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